Goodbye Panstarrs! | Mikael Svalgaard

Mikael Svalgaard
Location of photo
Date/Time of photo
May 1st - 2013, 02:00 UT
Borg 100ED f/6.4 refractor, DF-2 focusser, CFW8, ST10XE, STV with efinder, Takahashi EM-200
Just 36 hours ago comet Panstarrs C/2011 L4 passed the faint nebula Ced214 in Cepheus. I had prepared a few weeks in advance by acquiring some deep H-alpha and SII narrowband exposures to juice up the LRGB images from yesterday. The image was acquired with a 4" refractor from my backyard in the suburbs of Copenhagen using an SBIG ST10XE camera and numerous filters (red, green, blue, luminance, H-alpha, S-II). Panstarrs is fading and the bright nights of summer are near so this image is my way of saying goodbye and bon voyage to a fine visitor.