Gum Tree Comet | Melissa Hulbert

Melissa Hulbert
Location of photo
Mudgee, NSW, Australia
Date/Time of photo
10th Nov 2007 at 12:17am ADST
Canon 20D on a tripod with 85mm lens. f/5.6, ISO 1600, 30sec exposure.
It had been cloudy and raining all night and a group of us were going to call it a night when the clouds parted low on the north horizon and there was Comet Holmes. Binoculars and the camera revealed a yellowish fuzzy ball with an estimated magnitude of 2.5-3.0. The stars have trailed as a shorter exposure would not have revealed the comet very well due to some lingering cloud. It is one of the most interesting comets I've seen (and photographed). Well worth the 3.5 hour drive from Sydney!