Holmes10-31-07-030_small | Scot Smith

Scot Smith
Location of photo
Palmetto, Florida
Date/Time of photo
2007-10-31 @ 23:11 (eastern)
Olympus E-510 ISO 800 F: 4.2 Focal Length: 118mm 5 sec. exposure Tripod only
Thanks to Tropical Storm Noel, it was a very cloudy and windy evening with alot of "sucker holes". The skies finally cleared about 23:00 (eastern) but the winds continued. In a brief moment of stillness I was able to capture this image. Only post processing done was to remove a slight amount of digital noise and add the text to the photo. For a cloudy / windy evening and only a tripod mount, I am very happy with the reseulting image!