LovejoyGH1 | Gawie Hugo

Gawie Hugo
Location of photo
Bloemfontein, South Africa
Date/Time of photo
24/12/2011 03:54 (UT+2)
Camera: Canon 20D Lens: EOS 18-55mm Aperture: F4 Focal Lenth: 18mm Exposure: 36sec ISO: 800 Tripod mounted, no drive. Location: 29 21' 14.1"E 26 00' 40.56" S
We had clouds since Lovejoy was visible in the Southern Hemosphere. This morning had clear skies for the first time and I went 30km out into the contryside to avoid the city lights. I could see the amazing tail since I got to my spot at 02:45 (UT+2) though the head was still under the horizon. The ISS passed overhead from WNW but only became visible at 03:12 as it went down SE.