McNaught – Sao Paulo,SP – Brazil | Fabio Pazzini

Fabio Pazzini
Location of photo
Sao Paulo, SP - Brazil
Date/Time of photo
2007, Jan 16 - 20:32h (GMT -03:00 Brasilia)
Digital camera Canon Rebel XT + Canon 100-300mm 1:4.5-5.6 lens, mounted on a tripod, manual exposure, @ 300mm, F/8, 0.8s, ISO-100, cropped from original 3456x2304 pixels.
This image is a crop of the original, and it shows Comet McNaught over Sao Paulo-SP, Brazil, seen from a city's park known for its lovely sunsets. The place was crowded with people trying to see the comet, and it showed up barely visible to the unaided eye. I underexposed a bit under 1 stop, so I could use iso 100 for better results, and retouched a bit using Digital Photo Professional (Canon's software) to brighten again.