The comet Panstarrs under Polaris | Pepe Chambó

Pepe Chambó
Location of photo
Vallés, Valencia (Spain)
Date/Time of photo
Sigma 35-135 lens at 100mm. f/4 + Canon EOS 350D (4×180 sec. at ISO 1600)
May 27, 2013. Concurring with the approaching of the comet C/2011 L4 PANSTARRS to Polaris (at upper center), Earth crossed the comet orbital plane. This perspective allowed to observe a long and inusual tail formed by dust particles which were left behind on this plane. In the image it can see a faint normal tail of dust of nearly 1º long toward right, and toward left, a long anti-tail of more than 6º passing near open cluster NGC 188. I have inserted a Moon image at same scale of photo as reference.