Woodward_McNaught_composite | Tony Woodward

Tony Woodward
Location of photo
San Ramon, Ca
Date/Time of photo
1/7/2007 5:30-6:00pm PST
Canon EOS 30D with EF 75-300 zoom lens.
I wanted to show my youngest children a comet, since they've never seen one before. The pictures were taken from 37o46'23.45N, 121o56'48.60W We set up the camera and started hunting with binoculars. Once we spotted the comet, I immediately started taking pictures. After the first 4 shots, I couldn't really see the comet anymore. I kept shooting anyway, and got some more good shots. This composite has been somewhat processed for brightness, contrast and saturation. Exposures ranged from 0.4sec to 1.0sec, typical aperature 5.6.