Mirach and the Ghost-NGC404 | Efrain Morales Rivera

Efrain Morales Rivera
Location of photo
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
Date/Time of photo
11/16/08 03:32ut
LX200ACF 12 in. OTA, CGE Mount, DSI III Pro Ccd, F/R F6.3, Astronomik LRGB filter set, Atik MFW. Guided: ZS ED80II APO, ST402 Ccd, CcdSoft v5. At 6min subs. Lum=2hrs, RGB=36min.
Its the star called Mirach it is a red giant about 450 times more luminous then our sun at mag 2 and 200 ly from us in the constellation andromeda. Because of its brightness the galaxy (ngc404) on its side 5 o'clock position it is difficult to see and hidden from the reflection of the star and its 11 mil. ly further at mag 10 from us. To image it took some trial and error until the light reflecting into the mirror optics was to a minimum at this frame-up.