Miscellaneous Scenes & Skies

Our photo galleries contain a wonderful array of astronomy photos, from planets to stars, nebulae, and galaxies. This gallery, though, is for astronomy-related images that are a bit different. Browse the images below to see amateur astronomers at work and at play. You’ll find mementos from star party gatherings, silly poses under the stars, and astronomy selfies. You’ll also find pictures of astronomy equipment and images that demonstrate light pollution. Click deep enough and you’ll even see a view of the Scorpion constellation soaring high above a smoke plume unfurling from lava hitting the sea.

Cone of zodiacal light stretching into the sky from behind a dark silhouette of evergreen trees.

Zodiacal Light – Captivated by Comet Dust

October's a perfect time to see the zodiacal light, a tapering tower of comet dust standing high in the eastern sky before dawn. Here's how to find it. Wednesday morning, 5:30 a.m. I'm driving too fast down a country road in search of a clear sky to watch the total lunar eclipse. Totality is underway, but clouds...