Moon over Pleiades | Jan Wisniewski

Jan Wisniewski
Location of photo
Near Aldie, VA
Date/Time of photo
September 3, 2007
Canon 350D (extended red response) on 80mm ZenithStar II ED APO refractor with 0.8x reducer, on GM8 mount. 5 x 1 sec. and 5 x 1/200 sec. images processed in IRIS, AIP4WIN and PhotoPaint.
Moon "grazed" Pleiades on after midnight on Sept. 3, 2007. This was an extremelly difficult scene to image due to Moons brightness compared to Pleiades. Set of 1 sec. exposures was conbined to reveal stars and Eartshine, while 1/200 sec. exposures were used to reveal details of Moon surface.