Moon, Venus, & Zeta Tauri | Bob Betenia

Bob Betenia
Location of photo
Arches National Park
Date/Time of photo
May 22, 2012 9:20 PM
Canon 5D MK 2; Canon 300mm f4 lens @ f4; Tripod Mounted; 1.6 Seconds at ISO 100.
Thin crescent Moon and Venus setting over a ridge in Arches National Park. I did not realize that there was also a 3rd. magnitude star just coming out a occultation with the moon until I seen it in the image afterwards. I Used The Sky X to determine that the star was Zeta Tauri. Zeta Tauri was not visible in a shot taken at 9:16, and the last shot I took was time stamped 9:20 (same as the submitted photo) with the moon touching the ridge.