Mr. Spock meets NGC 7600 | Klaus Hohmann

Klaus Hohmann
Location of photo
Bad Tölz
Date/Time of photo
2008-09-08 23:35 UTC
Telescope: Meade 10" SCT @ f/4 (Reducer) Camera: Atik 16IC-HS
Early September this year, asteriod (2309) Mr. Spock, a small body of 21 km diameter in the main asteroid belt between Mars an Jupiter came into line of sight with the galaxy NGC 7600. The total exposure times were: L: 167 × 90s R: 109 x 30s G: 107 x 40s B: 69 x 50s The nine images of Mr. Spock were seperated by 30 minutes each. I don't know how Mr. Spock would have evaluated this encounter, but for my part - I found it "fascinating" ... ;=}