Mystery Object Passes M95 and M96 — I thought it was 2015 TB145, but now I think I’m wrong!

John Dolby
Location of photo
Tucson, AZ USA
Date/Time of photo
October 31, 2015; 04:48AM MST
Celestron CPC-1100 w/HyperStar @ f/2; Canon 6D; ISO-800; 6-Second Exposure
Wait a minute! My previous post (and this one) could not have been asteroid 2015 TB145! I'm pretty sure I started out right, but another object must have crossed paths with it and I followed the wrong one! But what was I following? The object I recorded went through the Beehive Cluster at 4:33 AM MST (see my previous post) and then it passed M95 and M96 at 4:48 AM MST (this post). But when I checked the ephemeris just now, that's not the path of TB145! Did I just discover another NEO?