NGC 1514 The Crystal Ball Nebula | Ronald Stanley

Ronald Stanley
Location of photo
Columbia Observatory, Cary, Il
Date/Time of photo
11/10/07 & 11/16/07 3:00-9:00 UT
Intes Micro MK-809 @ f/10 Tak Sky 90 guideswcope Starlight Xpress SXV-H9 imaging camera Starlight Xpress MX 716 guiding camera Astronomik LRGB filters Mountain Instruments MI-250 GEM LRGB 315/72/63/128 acquired with CCDAutopilot 3.4. Processed with Maxim DL and Photoshop CS2
Dim planetary nebula in Taurus highlighted by an outer shell that is expanding from a pair of tightly orbiting binary stars.