NGC 1961 a disturbed galaxy | Ron Stanley

Ron Stanley
Location of photo
Columbia Observatory, Cary, Il
Date/Time of photo
11/28,12/1,12/26/2007 1-9 UT
Intes Micro MK 809 8" Mac Cass at f10 Starlight Xpress SXV -H9 camera MI-250 GEM Guided with Tak Sky 90 and Starlight Xpress MX 716 camera Acquired with CCD Autopilot 3.4 and Maxim Dl Processed in Maxim DL and Photoshop CS2 LRGB 285/69/75/168 for a total exposure time of 10 hours Astronomick 48 mm LRGB filters
NGC 1961 is a spiral galaxy approximately 170m light years away which is being disturbed either by an intergalactic cloud of gas or by an interaction with a neighboring galaxy which is resulting in a massive burst of star formation.