NGC 2682 | James, Grace, Forrest, and Emily Maxwell

James, Grace, Forrest, and Emily Maxwell
Location of photo
Caldera Rim Observatory, Near Jemez Springs, NM
Date/Time of photo
Jan. 21, 2009, 1:30-3:30AM
Meade 10" F/4 Schmidt Newtonian on Losmandy G-11 Mount. Cooled Canon 400D. Processed in Nebulosity and Photobrush.
NGC 2682 (M67) is one of the oldest open clusters in the Milky Way (abt. 4 billion years), and has many stars similar to the sun. It also has numerous red giants. It has a yellowish cast due to a lack of bright, young stars. A total of 1 hour, 20 minutes of 3 minute exposures were taken at -8 degrees Celsius, and at an elevation of 8300 ft. Dark and flat frames applied.