NGC 3628 | Dietmar Hager

Dietmar Hager
Location of photo
Stargazer private observatory near Linz, Austria
Date/Time of photo
15.3.2007 - 22h00UT
9" TMB Apo f/7 (TeleVue 0,8 reducer) SXV M25C CCD one shot color cam mountegra - single arm fork mount Dynostar driver xm3 AstroArt4 Photoshop
the night this images was captured, seeing was exceptional good! at my place I usually encounter 5/10. that night seeing was arouind 7/10 according to Pickering. transparency could have been much better 5/10. preprocessing in AstroArt including image acquisition, guiding, colors. postprocessing in PS CS2 and Pix Insight LE further scale sizes on my webpage: thanks !