NGC 7380/Sh2-142 Hubble Palette | Hunter Wilson

Hunter Wilson
Location of photo
Lexington, Ohio
Date/Time of photo
Data acquired and 8-18 and 8-26-2010. Processed 8-27-2010
APM/TMB 130/780, QSI 583WSG, Astrodon 6nm Ha, 5nm OIII, 5nm SII, Mach1GTO Mount
NGC 7380/Sh2-142 Hubble Palette,Ha 8x15min, OIII and SII 12x15min (1x1), Imager Temp -10C, Cropped for Framing. NGC 7380 is an open cluster associated with the emission nebula Sh2-142. This is a typical star forming region, the likes of which can be found throughout the galaxy. Another name for this object is the "Wizard Nebula" for it's resemblance to a wizard in a pointed hat.