NGC 7479 in Pegasus | Hunter Wilson

Hunter Wilson
Location of photo
Lexington Ohio
Date/Time of photo
September 22, 2008
Canon 350D Hap Griffin Baader Mod Celestron 9.25 reduced 0.63 Astro-Physics Mach1GTO Mount
NGC 7479 in Pegasus 50x180sec at iso 1600 30 Darks/Flats/Bias NGC 7479 (Caldwell 44) is a barred spiral galaxy about 105 million light-years away and roughly 120,000 ly across (20% larger than our Milky Way). NGC 7479 is also recognized as a Seyfert galaxy undergoing starburst activity in the nucleus and the outer arms. Studies of this galaxy indicate it recently underwent a minor merger and that it is unique in that the radio signal shows arms that are opening in an opposite direction to the optical arms.