NGC1977 – The Running Man Nebula | Bernard Miller

Bernard Miller
Location of photo
Rancho Hidalgo, NM
Date/Time of photo
November 12, 2012 - February 4, 2013
Telescope: TEC-140 (F7) Camera: SBIG ST-8300M Mount: AP900 GTO Luminance: 25x20 minutes Red: 12x15 minutes Green: 9x15 minutes Blue: 12x15 minutes
This is an image of NGC1977, also known as the Running Man Nebula. This is a reflection nebula about 1500 light years away in the constellation Orion. It is about 1/2 a degree north of the Orion Nebula. IN fact the bottom part of the image is the extreme northern part of the Orion Nebula.