NGC2175 – The Monkey Head Nebula in narrowband | Bernard Miller

Bernard Miller
Location of photo
Animas, NM
Date/Time of photo
January 3-20, 2013
Telescope: TEC-140 (F7) Camera: SBIG ST-8300M Mount: AP900 GTO HA: 20x30 minutes (binned 1x1) SII: 28x30 minutes (binned 1x1) OIII: 24x30 minutes (binned 1x1) Red: 15x30 seconds (binned 2x2) Green: 15x30 seconds (binned 2x2) Blue: 15x30 seconds (binned 2x2)
This is an image of NGC2175, also known as the Monkey Head Nebula. It is an emission nebula about 6,400 light years away in the constellation Orion. It was shot using Astrodon 3nm narrowband filters using the Hubble Palette for color mapping.