NGC4725 | Ted Rafferty

Ted Rafferty
Location of photo
United States
Date/Time of photo
Feb/Mar 2012
Orion 10-inch f/4.7 reflector with a SBIG ST-2000XM imager on a Losmandy G11 mount. Guiding using an Orion ST-80 with a DSI Pro 2 imager.
A HaLRGB image of NGC4725 in Coma Berenices (the small galaxy at the bottom of the image is NGC4712). Ha image a combination of 2x2 binned 600s exposures, the L image of 1x1 binned 600s exposures, R and G images of 2x2 binned 420s exposures, and the B image of 2x2 binned 600s exposures. Exposures taken over 7 different nights. Exposures captured using Nebulosity 2 and guiding using PHD. Image Processing using DeepSkyStacker, Nebulosity 2, PhotoShop, and PixInsight LE.
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