Planetary Conjunction Venus and Mars.

Edison Urdaneta
Location of photo
Cagua, State Aragua Venezuela (N 10° 11' 24.00" W 67° 27' 36.00").
Date/Time of photo
02-21-2015 19:00 (23:30 UTC) ─ 19:02 (23:32 UTC).
Canon camera bridge (PowerShot SX510 HS), 12.1 Mp and 30X optical zoom.
Venus: magnitude -3.96 and illuminated 88%. Mars: magnitude 1.26 and illuminated 97.1% (Source: Stellarium 0.13.2). This Conjunction will see 10-05-2017 hour beginning 04:30 (UTC 09:00), by the East (Stellarium). Images taken with digital bridge. Camera in [MANUAL] mode, shutter speed 1”, F 5.6, ISO 800 and focal length 97mm. Image processed with RegiStax6 (16 pictures) and retouched with Canon Digital Photo Professional. Pictures enlarged and cropping.

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  1. Edison Urdaneta Post author

    This Conjunction will see again 10-05-2017 hour beginning 04:30 (UTC 09:00), by the East (Stellarium).

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