Pythagoras | Kostas Kalimaftsis

Kostas Kalimaftsis
Location of photo
Thessaloniki, Greece
Date/Time of photo
9-25-2007, 01:00
Celestron Nexstar 4SE GoTo, Canon Powershot A710IS Compact camera, 6mm eyepiece, afocal adaptor. Use of the camera's optical zoom, 1/6 sec exposure.
Cropped detail from a larger image. My technique: I use SkyAlign for optimum alignment and smoother drifting. I try sets of 5-10 continous shots (depends on the "seeing") for different settings (the camera has manual control), prefering lower ISO. I either use manual or macro focusing (macro works better on moon phase shots). I end up with about 100 photos for each moon site and I spend the rest of the night comparing images in an image viewer software to keep the best one to process.
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