Quadrantid Meteor 2013 | Victor C. Rogus

Victor C. Rogus
Location of photo
Jadwin, Missouri
Date/Time of photo
January 3, 2013, 2:39 AM CST
Cannon 60Da astrophotography camera with a Zeiss 35 mm lens at f 2.0, a 12 second exposure at ISO 640. A Losmandy G-8 GEM
I am happy to send a photograph I made this morning of the first major event of 2013! It is a Quadrantid Meteor in Ursa Minor! I made the image at 2:39 AM on January 3, 2013. Battling the cold and the Gibbous Moon was no easy task but I managed to catch this meteor trail in a 12 second exposure with a Cannon 60Da astrophotography camera. I used a Zeiss manual focus 35 mm lens at f 2.0 and an ISO setting of 640. This meteor trail is similar in color to Geminids I have seen and captured, making me believe that perhaps it is true that the Geminids and the Quadrantids share the same parent, comet or asteroid? I was out all night. I made nearly 500 exposures to the Northeast, but saw only two bright ones, and a few faint under mostly clear, and transparent skies. Glad to be in out of the COLD! Victor Rogus, Jadwin, Mo