Rosette with Hubble Palette | Ivette Rodríguez and Oriol Lehmkuhl

Ivette Rodríguez and Oriol Lehmkuhl
Location of photo
Montseny, Barcelona
Date/Time of photo
January 16, 26 and 27 2008
Lens: Megrez 72 APO + FF 0.8x F/stop: 4.8 Mount: Vixen Sphinx Deluxe Camera: Artemis 4021 Guiding: Throught WO 66 f5.9 with Meade DSI and PhD guiding software
The Rosette is a prominent star formation region, glowing due to ultraviolet light from the young, hot, blue stars whose winds also cleared the central hole. Exposure: Ha baader filter, 11 x 15 min; SII, 6x20 min and OIII 9x15min (unbinned) Calibrated and aligned with ImagesPlus, stacked with MaximDL and postprocessed with PixInsight STD