Saturn courtesy Brashear | Myron Wasiuta

Myron Wasiuta
Location of photo
United States
Date/Time of photo
July 6,2013 10:00PM EDT
I used a 4.5"f/15 refractor with Brashear Objective, 3X Barlow giving about f/45, and a DMK21AU04 webcam with an Orion V-Block filter. This image is a combined stack of about 1000 frames, using 1/30 second exposure. In addition to the Brashear objective, the optical tube assembly has a Mogey focuser and finder, and is carried on an Edmund GEM.
Visually Saturn is majestic in this telescope, and I wanted to capture a view that simulates what I see. What the image cant show are the subtle colors-the yellowish globe,jet black shadows, and ice white rings!
13506 Buglenote Way