Saturn, Rhea, and Tethys | Jean-Christophe Meriaux

Jean-Christophe Meriaux
Location of photo
San Bruno CA
Date/Time of photo
2/28/2010 at 1.10am PST
Orion Maksutov cassegrain 7" DNK
Between two rainfalls – I was able to take this picture at focal plane f/d 15 with my DMK B&W camera. This is a composite picture from about 1100 RGB frames. Notice from left to right two of Saturn’s satellites: Rhea (mag 9.9) and Tethys (mag 10.3). Cassini’s division is guessed but not very obvious since the rings have a low inclination. - The C ring is hinted on the left and right portion of the disk. Disk diameter is 19″.