Saturnand a six pack of moons | Theo Ramakers

Theo Ramakers
Location of photo
Social Circle, GA
Date/Time of photo
3/18/2009 around 9:50pm ET
Celestron CPC 925 on a home made wedge, DMK21AU-04AS camera with a 2x Williams Optics barlow, Orion Dichromatic RGB filters and Baader IR filter.
March 18th, Saturn offered a beautiful line up of its moons. Enceladus, Thetys, Dione, Rhea, and Titan all lined up on one side of the planet, with Iapetus being a little further out. Hyperion was still further out and "fell off the chip" in this image. However a great image documenting the event of 6 (+1) moons lining up.