Sirius B — 'The Pup' | Ernest R. Evans

Ernest R. Evans
Location of photo
Pawcatuck, CT
Date/Time of photo
March 4, 2011 04:07 UT
Celestron 11" SCT w/Hex Mask and Diagonal at 200X. Digital Camera Afocal,ISO 400, 5", f/8 in Good Seeing. Processed in XnView and MS Paint.
This photo shows the companion to Sirius (Sirius B), aka 'The Pup', in 'positive' and 'negative forms'. The 10,000 times difference in brightness between the pair makes the fainter star difficult to see with smaller scopes unless it is well separated in angular distance from the primary and the seeing is good. A hex mask makes it easier to see and photograph the Pup, but even so, I had to take numerous exposures to collar this puppy! Ernie Evans