Sirius B.

Edison Urdaneta
Location of photo
Cagua, State Aragua Venezuela (N 10° 11' 24.00" W 67° 27' 36.00").
Date/Time of photo
12-21-2014. 23:08 (03:38 UTC).
Telescope reflector aperture 114mm (4.5"), focal length 900mm, eyepiece (1.25") 32mm and 2x Barlow. Digital camera bridge (Canon) 12.1 Mps.
Sirius B is in the constellation Canis Major. It´s a white dwarf, located about 8.0 light years from the Earth. First observed in 1862 by Alvan Graham Clark (1832-1897) (Source: Wikipedia). Taken with afocal method. Camera in [MANUAL] mode, shutter speed 1”, F 8.0 and ISO 1600. I send two images: original and enlargend.

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