Solar Dragon | Alfred Tan

Alfred Tan
Location of photo
Date/Time of photo
28 Sep 13, 4:45 UT
Telescope: Borg 76mm achromat fitted with a Solarscope SF50mm H-Alpha etalon Mount: Vixen SXD Camera: DMK 41AU02.AS
A huge magnetic filament developed in the northern hemisphere of the Sun during the last week of Sep 13. On 29 Sep it morphed into a dragon-like filament. Finally it erupted on 29 Sep 2145 UT and sent a magnificent Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) into space towards Earth. The first picture showed the filament on 28 Sep 13. The second picture showed the dragon-like filament taken on 29 Sep 4:53 UT. The third picture is a close-up view of the dragon.
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