Wind & Solar | Gary K Froehlich

Gary K Froehlich
Location of photo
Fluvanna, TX
Date/Time of photo
5/20/2012 -- 8:44 PM CDT
Nikon D3X with 600mm f/4 Nikkor lens
I wanted to capture the Sun at mid-annularity with foreground objects at a similar apparent size. The Sun would be near the horizon at mid-annularity on its centerline near Fluvanna, TX. The foreground objects had to be far away (for depth of field considerations) and very tall (to be the same apparent size). I found a position where tall wind turbines, some 6 miles away, were at the correct azimuth. I asked a local farmer for permission to set up there. (Later, Mike Meyer from Kansas asked the farmer where a good spot might be, and was directed to me).