Southern Milky Way | Marty Sisam

Marty Sisam
Location of photo
San Pedro, Chile
Date/Time of photo
September 2012
Canon 5D Mark II, 28 to 135mm Canon Lens, Tripod, Nebulosity 3.0, No Mount Processed with Nebulosity, Pixinsight and Photoshop CS5
I started astrphotography 1 year 3 months ago. Recently I had a chance to visist Chile and while under the most wonderful sky I had ever seen I decided to try and experiment with a few of the things I had learned over the last year. 100 - 5 second exposures, lens set to 65mm, 20 dark frames, 10 bias frames and many hours of work. It is really amazing what you can get with a little bit of equipment and a good sky. Thanks to Evans & Sutherland for sending to Chile. And thanks to my Travel Partner Terence Murtagh for leading the way.