Sunspot AR 1944 | Victor C. Rogus

Victor C. Rogus
Location of photo
Jadwin, Missouri
Date/Time of photo
01-11-2014 @ 11:17:50 CST
Homemade 108mm solar refracting telescope Baader safety wedge, Lomandy GM-8 GEM, Cannon 60Da 18 megapixel astro camera.
Hello friends at Departing sunspot group AR 1944. Get out there solar guys, I made these images a few moments ago (01-11-2014 @ 11:17:50 CST close up) with my homemade 108mm solar telescope! Spectacular, and a little scary, Sunspot Group AR 1944. Reportedly quiet now, the sunspot still has the potential for CME's and is said to be seven times the size of the Earth!