Te Horo Beach Venus Jupiter Conjunction

Mike Nicholson
Location of photo
Te Horo Beach, New Zealand
Date/Time of photo
30 June 2015 6.41 UT
Pentax K-500, Pentax 18-55mm DAL @ 18mm, ISO 400, f/4.5, 15 secs exposure. Camera was tripod mounted.
The pairing of Venus and Jupiter in the western winter sky in New Zealand.
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Mike Nicholson

About Mike Nicholson

I live in a small coastal town on the bottom west coast of NZ's North Island. The skies here are quite dark but weather is a bit of an issue. We live near to a beach and are subjected to south westerly winds, sometimes gale force. I have a 300mm f/5 Newtonian on a dob mount and my wife and I will be using it for public viewing in conjunction with our local astronomical society. The long term aim is to mount the Newt on a EQ platform or perhaps an EQ mount. I love viewing the Southern Skies.

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