The Big Lick Galaxy Group | Lynn Hilborn

Lynn Hilborn
Location of photo
Grafton, Ontario
Date/Time of photo
May 15,2012
TEC 140 @f5.6 and FLI ML8300 camera with Baader filters
Hickson Galaxy Group 68 and NGC 5371, in Canes Venatici. NGC 5371 is a spiral galaxy seen face-on. It is classified as an Sbc barred spiral galaxy and located about 100 million light years from Earth. Together with Hickson Galaxy Group 68, NGC 5371 makes up the Big Lick Galaxy Group. 6 hours of exposure. Taken by Lynn Hilborn, WhistleStop Obs, Grafton, Ontario on May 15 2012. Lum 1x1 19x10m, RGB each 2x2 12x5m.