The Eye of Sauron (aka NGC7293) | Paulo Lobao

Paulo Lobao
Location of photo
Muxagata, Portugal (at MPC J15)
Date/Time of photo
16- 20 August 2010 (1 AM)
Celestron C9.25 XLT @ f/6.2 QSI532WS-M1 @ -15ºC ATLAS EQmod
The Helix Nebula (NGC7293) is a planetary nebula in Aquarius lying at a distance of about 700 light-years. Also known as The Eye of God I like to call it The Eye of Sauron! This Nebula have strong emission in both Ha and OIII. I needed a total of 10 hours of Ha and OIII data to process this image. Many of the cometary knots are clearly visible in this image.