The Great Starburst Galaxy M94 in Canes Venatici

Location of photo
Cochranville, Pennsylvania
Date/Time of photo
April 19, 2015
Imaged with a Stellarvue 102ED refractor telescope on an iOptron iEQ45 GEM and a modified Canon XS DSLR ISO800. Aligned 10x180second subframes using ImagesPlus software and processed with PS5.
A very complex spiral galaxy that has an unusual structure with extended rings and an extremely bright nucleus. Very difficult to see any detail visually through a small telescope.
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I have been an avid amateur astronomer residing in Cochranville, Pennsylvania. I own a 10-inch Meade LX50, Celestron 6-inch SCT, a Stellarvue 102ED refractor, and a 16-inch Meade Lightbridge. My part time occupation involves working in a planetarium at the North Museum of Natural History in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.