The intriguing lunar crater Lamont

Location of photo
The image was acquired from Dumitrana, Romania on a rather cold morning, but in some very good seeing conditions.
Date/Time of photo
October 14, 2014
C11 @F/25, ASI120MM, Baader Red filter. Seeing 7-8/10.
The rather large crater Lamont is one of a kind on the near side of our Moon: it's quite large, it's submerged, and it's immediate surroundings are full of lava activity features like ridges, domes and rimae. The Arago domes are also well shown, as are a trio of domes nearby. The Sosigenes rimae are visible towards the left part of the image, and a very unique feature is almost perpendicular and intersects some of the rimae: the short but rather wide "rima" towards the left from center. This is another interesting volcanic feature.