The Perseus Cluster (Abell 426) | Bob Franke

Bob Franke
Location of photo
Chino Valley, AZ
Date/Time of photo
RCOS 12.5" Ritchey-Chrétien Scope Paramont ME mount SBIG STL-11000m camera Astrodon Gen II filters.
North is to the top. The Perseus galaxy cluster (Abell 426) is about 250 million light-years from our galaxy and contains more that 500 catalogued galaxies. The brightest member is NGC 1275, near the left edge of the image, at magnitude 11.6. NGC 1275 is a strong source of radio waves and x-rays. Abell 426 is the dominant member of the Perseus-Pisces supercluster. The super cluster extends to 300 million light-years and covers 40 degrees of the winter sky. Exposure Details Lum 465 min. (31 x 15 min.) RGB 765 min. (17 x 15 min. each)