The Veil Nebula Complex | Enrico Africa

Enrico Africa
Location of photo
West Chester, Ohio
Date/Time of photo
July, 2008
Camera: SBIG STL-6303 Class 1 with CFW-L 8-position filter wheel and Astrodon Narrowband (H-alpha, SII and OIII) and LRGB filters Telescope: Takahashi FSQ-106N Mount: Astro-Phyics AP1200GTO
This is a narrow-band/RGB emulation of the Veil Nebula complex shot from my light-polluted back yard July 2008. H-alpha data was mapped to Red, OIII to green and a blend of H-alpha and OIII (simulating H-beta) to blue. RGB data was added to give the stars a natural color.