The Wizard | Howard H Bower

Howard H Bower
Location of photo
McCordsville, IN
Date/Time of photo
August 30/31, 2011 10pm-2am
Imaging Telescope - TEC140ED Imaging Camera - QSI583wsg Autoguider - SX Lodestar Mounting - APMach1 GTO
This image of the open star cluster NGC7380, also known as the Wizard Nebula spanning an area on the sky of about 5 times the size of the full moon. NGC 7380 is located in the constellation Cepheus about 7,000 light-years from Earth within the Milky Way Galaxy. The star cluster is embedded in a nebula, which spans some 110 light-years. The stars of NGC 7380 have emerged from this star-forming region in the last 5 million years or so, making it a relatively young cluster. The image @f/7 represents the “First Light” of a TEC140ED APO oil spaced triplet refractor. It is four hours of exposure in the narrowband. The image is a modified HST Palette using a process outlined by Bob Franke.