Three good friends | Pepe Guerrero

Pepe Guerrero
Location of photo
Aguascalientes, Mexico
Date/Time of photo
03-05-2008 06:40 a.m.
I used Kodak Digital Camera model C433 Easy share with mount. Mode digital telephoto (more than optical 3x), one sec. exposure and + 1.00 overexposure.I used automatic release for 2 sec. Original photo side: 2.1 mp.
In the dawn of March 5, 2008 (06:40 a.m.), before the concealment of Venus for the Moon, in the roof of my house in Aguascalientes, I took the photo of the conjunction of Mercury, Moon and Venus. A big visual spectacle! Marvelous! Mercury with weak light is lightly above and to the left of a diminishing Moon. Below to the left of the Moon, Venus shines with intensity.