Total Solar Eclipse 2008 – sequence | Giacomo Bartolacci

Giacomo Bartolacci
Location of photo
Bersk, Novosibirsk, Siberia (Russia)
Date/Time of photo
01 August 2008
Canon FTb on Tamron 400 f/5,6 with 2X teleconverter at full aperture; Velvia 100 color slide. Partiality: 1/30 sec with astrosolar filter; Corona: 1 sec. All on Manfrotto tripod
sequence of Total Solar Eclipse, 1th August 2008, captured from Bersk, Siberia (Russia). Partiality shot were captured 15', 30', 45' and 60' after 1st contact and 15', 30', 45' and 60' before 4th contact, Corona was captured at Greatest Eclipse time (10:46:19 TU), 17:46:19 of Local Time, with the Sun 30 degrees above my head