Transit of Venus 2012 by Fouad M. Qureshi | Fouad M. Qureshi

Fouad M. Qureshi
Location of photo
Karachi, Pakistan
Date/Time of photo
6 June 2012 at 0910 (0410UT)
Skywatcher 80mm f/5 optical tube assembly Meade DSI Pro astroimager Meade DS200 series computerized mount with 497 controller
This is the Transit of Venus observed on 6 June 2012 from the roof top of my ‎‎home in Karachi, Pakistan. A time-lapse video can be viewed at ‎‎The entire sequence was photographed through almost overcast skies. The heavy cloud cover was ‎‎used as a natural solar filter and no other optical filtering was used. The images presented are raw unprocessed images. Your ‎‎comments would be highly appreciated.