Transit of Venus: Second Contact, Black Drop Effect | Sergey Maximoff

Sergey Maximoff
Location of photo
37 51.8076N 122 18.8286W
Date/Time of photo
6/5/2012, 22:23:45 UTC
SCT 6" f/10 Focal Reducer-Field Flattener f/6.3 Baader film continuum full aperture filter B/W 1/2" Video CCD GPS Time transfer +/-0.1 milliseconds
Ingress stages during Venus Transit 2012.From left to right, the stages: a snapshot before the first contact, a snapshot at the first contact, a snapshot during the second contact, three snapshots after the first contact. The black drop Effect is clearly seen during second . A possible hint at the sunlight refraction by the Venus' atmosphere can be discerned from the last snapshot. The absolute timings are GPS time transfer timings. Expected timing accuracy +/- 0.1 millisecond. The obsrvation location is 37 51.8076N 122 18.8286W.