Venus Transit cum Clouds | Rock G. Taber

Rock G. Taber
Location of photo
Dahlonega, Georgia USA
Date/Time of photo
June 5, 2012; 20:00hrs EDT
Orion 120ST Refractor (f/5, Fl:600mm) on Meade LXD75 mount. Orion Q70 26mm eyepiece with 2X Barlow; Camera: Samsung SGH-T769 integrated camera.
This interesting image of the Venus transit was taken at an astronomy club (North Georgia Astronomers) outreach event on June 5th (20:00hrs EDT) in Dahlonega, GA USA. Taken with my f/5 Orion 120ST refractor and glass Orion filter. Sky was clear until 17:50 then started clouding up. Thereafter, attendees at our event managed to get some tantalizing glimpses thereafter - until sunset. The clouds provided an interesting contrast to the transit itself. Because it was a public event, I did not have my normal DSLR camera in place and just took a quick shot with the cell phone camera.