Venus transit silhouette | Gary Smith

Gary Smith
Location of photo
Lakeview Park, Lorain, Ohio
Date/Time of photo
June 5, 2012 6:30 p.m.
Solar image was projected onto a screen by a Meade 8" Schmidt Cassegrain using a 50mm camera lens as the eyepiece. The photo itself was taken with an iPhone.
Our club, the Black River Astronomical Society, set up multiple telescopes for the public to view the transit of Venus. I constructed an 8' x 12' camera obscura and projected a large image of the sun onto a screen in the darkened room. The sun's image was about 5 feet in diameter. For this image I simply stepped into the beam and photographed my silhouette and Venus together on the screen. Several hundred people peered into the "transit tent" and took their own photos during the event.