Venus visible on evening and morning. | Elias Chasiotis

Elias Chasiotis
Location of photo
Markopoulo, Greece.
Date/Time of photo
3/242009, 16:58UT, 3/25/2009, 04:14 UT.
Canon EOS 450D, Canon EF 70-200 F2.8, Canon 2x converter/ at 400mm F5.6.
To the left it is Venus as photographed last evening just after sundown. It had an altitude of only 6°at sunset (lat. 38° Ν) and was visible to the naked eye. This morning i tried to locate it again (altitude 5°at sunrise from my site). Managed to photograph it (right photo), but this time it wasn't visible to the naked eye due to haze. With better transparency conditions i am sure it could be located with the naked eye on both evening and morning. This evening and tomorrow morning there is a last chance to try again.